A slideshow that is always on your desktop



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Limages is an application that permanently places a small slideshow in the upper right-hand part of your desktop.

The program allows you to configure which photographs you want to see in each of the four spaces that you have by default, and you can change the transparency of the images, the frame color they have, and the frequency with which you want them to change (if you want them to do so).

Even though the program usually appears with those four spaces for photographs, you can choose between ten different designs. However, some of those are so cumbersome that they completely block the screen.

Limages is a peculiar application, which you might like a lot as long as you think of it as a type of permanent digital picture frame for your desktop. In addition, if at some point you see a photo that you really like, you just have to double-click it in order to make it full screen.

14 day trial.

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